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We work with only the best brands such as Maxxis, Kumho, Continental, Pirelli, Achilles, Nitto, Maxtrack, Nexen and many more as we know how important your vehicle and safety is to you.

The modern 4X4 tyres have evolved greatly over the past few years and there are now specific tyres for different terrains, making a choice can be a difficult decision. This is where Topline Tyres can be the guiding difference to picking the appropriate tyre to compliment your vehicle and its intended use.

After years of firsthand experience identifying strengths and weaknesses in countless tyres, Topline Tyres has set the bar higher than any other retailer, only stocking the most reliable, competitive brands.

No longer is price the determining factor when your life can be hanging in the balance 4WDing on the side of a hill or isolated in our vast desert country. Talk to the team with the expert knowledge.


Along with the manufacturer's name and the name of the tyre (i.e. Bridgestone Ecopia), there's always a set of numbers and letters that relate to the size of the tyre. Here's a rundown on what those numbers mean:

Example: 215/60R15

215 is the width of the tyre in millimetres.
60 is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.
R means it is radial construction.
15 is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.